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Gianni Oliva

Resfest arriva quest’anno a Torino al culmine di una stagione estremamente ricca sia di appuntamenti cinematografici che di manifestazioni culturali in generale. Il Festival ritorna nella città che l’anno scorso ha ospitato la sua prima tappa italiana, confermando una naturale sintonia con Torino: infatti, il carattere innovativo di Resfest, il suo ruolo di talent scout, la sua capacità di scoprire nuove tendenze, di presentare tecnologie all’avanguardia, di ipotizzare quale potrebbe essere il cinema di domani si sposano bene con la vocazione sperimentale, spesso pionieristica, che ha fatto e fa di Torino e del Piemonte una città e una regione “laboratorio” per antonomasia.
Non a caso Resfest è stato, nel frattempo, scoperto anche da altre città italiane, a conferma, ancora una volta, della bontà di un’intuizione nata sotto la Mole: una circostanza che costituisce, in realtà, un elemento di forza, e dimostra che il “sistema cinema” a Torino è già, di fatto, una realtà vitale e operativa, in grado di accogliere iniziative nuove, originali, appetibili e di inserirle all’interno di un patrimonio di realtà e tradizioni sedimentate. Le numerose manifestazioni e istituzioni che nel tempo hanno reso Torino e il Piemonte terre di cinema, la loro vivace proliferazione nel corso degli anni, sono, anche storicamente, forse il segno pi¨ spettacolare e immediato di un’inventiva e di una capacità costante di rinnovarsi su cui la città e la regione possono, con legittima fiducia e ottimismo, continuare a contare.

Gianni Oliva
Assessore alla cultura e alle politiche giovanili

Welcome Back Resfest!

Resfest is a festival that is very different from all the others. It is not located in one place, but instead its strength lies in the fact that it is a travelling show, going on tour to more than 40 cities in the world. In this way it reaches fundamental centers of avant-guard culture from the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood to the seat of the American Cinemathieque, from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago to the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore, from the Laforet Museum in Tokyo to the National Film Institute in Dublin and the National Film Theater in London. Resfest offers its selected filmmakers to meet an enormous and passionate public without having to jump through the hoops of marketing. Those who are chosen go directly from their computers to an extraordinary international audience. It is exactly for this reason that the number of works that are proposed for the selection process at Resfest grows every year (this year there was a record 2200 titles), and requires a selection of absolute excellence both for technical innovation and for expressive quality. Resfest has a twofold assignment of bringing to its spectators the best of the avant-guard, that would otherwise be quite difficult to track down and also the festival functions as a talent scout. Many of the authors have had an international launching as a result of Resfest. Over time the festival has made itself respected throughout the world as a pioneer in the artistic and technological fields, becoming the standard-bearer in a movement of avant-guarde in which to meet and confront diverse arts.
Resfest turns 10 this year and makes its second appearance in Italy. We are proud that Turin became the first Italian city last year to be included on the tour. We are delighted that Torino has been reconfirmed this year again! We would like to take this opportunity to thank Regione Piemonte and Compagnia di San Paolo for their generous support. In every city, in fact, the local organization gives the festival a personal character, integrating the screening program with special events. In the Turin edition there are numerous happenings including a selection of works made by new animation talents arriving from all over the world and a survey of rising Italian directors to be seen in the Visual Muzik program produced by Marco Mancuso for Dissonanze 2006. In Turin the richness of the innovative culture of the city is underlined with the parties and live shows (Stylophonic, Luis Nieto, LUOMO and dj Fabrizio Vespa) that will take place in various well known clubs (AB+, The Beach and Hiroshima Mon Amour). In addition there will be meetings with directors (from the English duo Bert & Bertie to the Mexican Ramos and the French Janoud and Roisin) and with technical and production professionals (California's Motion Theory, England's The-Mill and Italy 's FastForward). It is important to note that in Turin the Resfest is organized by the Virtuality Conference, the most important Italian meeting for digital images, a conference where specialists have the occaision to listen to and meet the foremost experts in the world of film technology. In fact there will be the opportunity for the public to meet some of the authors who don't just parade their works along a catwalk, but who will discuss their work, the creative techniques and the behind the scenes. One finds, therefore a unique mix in Resfest between an international environment that projects Turin into the circuit of large avant-guard cities, a program of over 200 screenings, numerous meetings and presentations with the protagonists along with a particular atmosphere: the climate of a global village party in which from Brazil to Korea passing through Paris and Berlin, one meets, one talks and one has fun with those who believe in the vitality of creatioin through consistently new sounds and images. It's one big digital bash and in the end we are all proud that it takes place in Turin.

Maria Elena Gutierrez, Associate Professor, State University of New York, Buffalo
Producer Resfest/10 Turin
Director Virtuality Conference

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Turin 6, 7 & 8 June


Corso Marconi, 38
10125 Turin, Italy
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