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Wednesday December 13
AB+, via Porta Palatina 23/b
h 6:30 pm Opening Night DJ-set: A toast to welcome the traveling Resfest upon its arrival in Torino. Spinning the discs will be the noted citizen DJ, Fabrizio Vespa. His set has mostly an electronic sound but contains a progressive soul for the rhythmically insistent and techno types.
Thursday December 14
Cinema Massimo – Sala Tre, via Verdi 18
h 9:00am-1:00pm Screenings for schools. Emilio Ramos, creator of the short Niebla, (Spain/Mexico, 2005), winner of the Jury Prize, Virtuality Award, 2006 (short film section: state of the art)
Followed by Shorts Two: Out of the Box and Videos That Rock.
h 2:30am-4:00pm
Free admission
Workshop: High Definition According to Panasonic
A presentation of the AG-HVX200E movie camera, presented and run by Fabio Farina, Technical Support Specialist of Panasonic Italy, SpA.
h 5:45pm
Ticket section 1
Welcome by Stefano Boni, Museo Nazionale del Cinema
h 6:00pm-7:15pm
Ticket section 1
Screening of the retrospective Radiohead, The Visionaries: A Decade Of Breaking New Talent. Is Radiohead the best band in the world? Well, possibly. But beyond their considerable musical gifts. Yorke, Greenwood, Greenwood, O’Brien and Selway deserve additional notice for breaking in an astonishing amount of new filmmaking talent with their carefully constructed, always artful music videos. Since Resfest has also always sought to champion the up-and-coming filmmaker, it made sense on the occasion of our 10th birthday to celebrate the past decade of this band’s highly distinctive body of film work. In collaboration with powerful commissioner Dilly Gent – who aided us in assembling this special collection – Radiohead has helped facilitate the ascendance of such visionary talents as Jonathan Glazer, Street Spirit and Karma Police, Chris Hopewell, There, There, Shynola, Pyramid Song and many more. Fans of the Oxfordshire rockers will delight in the program’s hits – No Surprises, Go To Sleep and Paranoid Android are all featured – while also relishing the collection’s rarities, which include Monkey Hub’s animation for the acoustic Creep, the Vapour Brothers’ commercial-length “blips “for Kid A, videos from Radiohead TV, Down Is the New Up and Video Tape from Nigel Godrich’s From the Basement TV series, and the brand-new “Harrowdown Hill,” from Thom Yorke’s solo album, The Eraser.
h 8:00pm-10:45pm
Ticket section 2
Screening of Shorts One: State of the Art
State of the Art, Resfest's flagship showcase of short form work, mixes live action, animation, motion graphics and documentary. As always, there’s a truly international feel to this collection, with films coming from South Africa and Spain, the UK and Korea, the Netherlands and the US. In addition to the sumptuously operatic The Tale of How by newcomers The BlackHeart Gang, the program features striking work from creators familiar to Resfest audiences, including Run Wrake, PES and Chris Shepherd, plus three world premieres from festival alumni – Johan Kramer's poignant profile of a nearly blind Spanish boy, 0.08; Stefan Nadelman's cuisine-driven CliffsNotes to the history of war, Food Fight; and RND# maestro Richard Fenwick’s conceptual thriller, The Box.

Screening of By Design
Resfest annual survey of the latest and best in motion graphics, computer-generated imagery, innovative animation techniques and broadcast design returns for its sixth year. This time out, the program traverses fidelities both high and low, finding inspirations as diverse as cuckoo clocks and footballs, while using a wide array of techniques ranging from state-of-the-art CGI to stop-motion animation comprised entirely of Post-It notes. There’s gorgeous new work from two members of the 2006 RES 10 – Tokyo multidisciplinary magician Takagi Masakatsu offers the poetic tour de force Bloomy Girls and US heroes Impactist deliver the mystical voyage Ranch. Meanwhile, two established visual masters and longtime RESFEST collaborators make their return: Ben Stokes with the world premiere of his new homage to moviemaking, Dub Projector, and Graham Woods with his hypnotic and hauntingly evocative video for Scott Walker’s “Jesse.”

h 10:50pm
Ticket section 3
Screening of Rock the Bells, by Denis Henry Hennelly and Casey Suchan, USA 2006, 113’ " What does it take to get an event to happen—particularly one as challenging as reuniting the nine notorious no-shows who formerly comprised hip-hop’s legendary Wu-Tang Clan? Directors Denis Henry Hennelly and Casey Suchan’s thrilling Rock the Bells offers a fast-paced insider’s account of concert promoter Chang Weissberg’s seemingly quixotic but ultimately successful quest to book Wu-Tang in 2004 for the annual California hip-hop festival Rock the Bells, just months before the death of ODB.
Hiroshima Mon Amour, via Bossoli 83
From 9:00pm on
Resfest Opening Night Party
Special Guest Stylophonic along with screenings from the Videos that Rock section. An evening of images and music with a selection of musical shorts from Resfest 2006 and videos by Matteo Bonifazio, director of Italian
DJ/producer/composer Stefano Fontana, a.k.a. Stylophonic. To be followed by the DJ set of “Italian Fatboy Slim,” who is by now internationally known thanks to the song Baby Beatbox chosen by Dolce & Gabbana as the original score for their TV ad campaign “D&G Time.” The commercials will be shown at the end of the evening.
Friday December 15
Cinema Massimo – Sala Tre, via Verdi 18
h 9:00am-1:00pm
Screenings for schools: Shorts Three: Fear & Trembling, Cinema Electronica and Radiohead, The Visionaries: A Decade Of Breaking New Talent.
h 4:00pm-6:30pm
Free admission
Emerging Talent: with the participation of the directors Giorgio Ghisolfi, Jules Janaud, Emilio Ramos, François Roisin, among the others; moderator Fabrizio Pecori, journalist. Virtuality Award 2006 short movie winners along with a selection of the best videos submitted to the latest edition of Virtuality Conference: the audience will meet young talents from the most famous European schools on digital graphic.
h 6:45pm-7:45pm
Free admission
Special presentation: Bert and Bertie, two outrageous British directors with their ironic and surreal style, will present their latest works, among which the hilarious Phobias (session Shorts Two: Out of the Box).
h 8:30pm-10:15pm
Free admission

Tiro al blanco (Target Practice): performance by Luis Nieto, director and creator of Carlitopolis (Shorts Two section: Out of the Box) The provocative director from Colombia, now living in Paris, who in his pseudo shock video presented at the festival rages with savagery against a laboratory mouse and tries to enter during a live transmission of the Guinness Book of World Records target practice. The video is created with his “perversionist artist” style.

h 10:30pm
Ticket section 4
Screening of Cinema Electronica
As always, this popular program showcases the ability of talented filmmakers from around the world to elevate the past year’s most exciting electronic and hip-hop songs through the ingenuity they bring to short form video. A collection which sees the likes of Basement Jaxx, Hifana and Massive Attack rubbing shoulders kicks off with Robert Hales’ Smiley Faces for Gnarls Barkley, a charming ride that’s one part Zelig, one part Danger Mouse’s Grey Video. Elsewhere, +Cruz and Shane Lester hit hard with What You Standin’ For, for Japan’s DJ Uppercut, and a pair of exciting new talents make their names in thrilling fashion – Ireland’s David O’Reilly with Szamar Madar for the Venetian Snares and France’s Nadia Micault for Sir Alice’s L’amour Made in Taiwan Australia’s Nicolas Randall closes out the party with All He Needs a cheeky “cover” of Mike Mills’ seminal “All I Need” for Air that’s one part parody, one part homage.
The Beach, Arcate 18/20/22 Murazzi del Po
h 10:30pm
Free admission

Special presentation: Professor Nieto’s Show, introduced by Luca Carlucci, graphic artist and composer
More work by Luis Nieto, the director of incredible special effects will present pieces made before and after Carlitopolis, or rather, a selection of videos and some making of his more or less recent works: from Nieto’s Show, a mini-series created for Canal plus which takes place in a laboratory in which the director (helped by his assistant Patrick, a chimpanzee with a diaper) films in front of his experimental students that are actually all kinds of animals to the small animated film Far West and the commercial Squareness recently made for Coca-cola.

Saturday December 16
Cinema Massimo – Sala Tre, via Verdi 18
h 2:30pm-5:15 pm
Ticket section 5
Screening of Everything Under the Sun: Filmmaking with a Purpose
A collection of stylistically disparate work that is unabashedly issues-based. And those issues themselves are far-reaching, including the fragility of the environment, stem cell research, deforestation, nuclear proliferation and the anti-globalization movement, to name just a few. At a historical moment when many of us are feeling a greater drive to act, and act responsibly – both individually and collectively – it is a source of considerable encouragement and inspiration to find talented filmmakers so eager to lead the way.

Screening of A Decade Of Resfest: 10 Seminal Short Films
For our 10th anniversary, we’ve chosen 10 landmark films to represent the festival’s 10 years, illustrating the myriad ways RESFEST filmmakers have devised to reinvent their medium. These diverse approaches include twisted new applications of animation in Michael Overbeck’s Tongues and Taxis and Pic Pic André’s Le grand sommeil, radically new takes on documentary in Stefan Nadelman’s Terminal Bar and Bob Sabiston’s Snack and Drink, and fascinating explorations of painstaking artistic processes in Virgil Widrich’s Fast Film and David Ellis’ Letter to the President. The result is an utterly unique timeline of filmic innovation and advancement.

h 5:30pm-7:30pm
Free admission

Special Session: A.A.A.A.: Advertising As An Art
with the participation of Vi Nguyen, creative director of Motion Theory, Jules Janaud and Francios Roisin, directors (The Mill), Matteo Corbi, co-founder and VFX supervisor of FastForward; moderator: Jaime d’Alessandro, journalist.
The representatives of three avant-garde post production studios, all of different nationalities, will speak about their creations in the field of advertising, comparing the use of new technology and showing backstage, “making of” and special effects of their best work.

h 7:45pm-9:15pm
Ticket section 6
Screening of Unsung Heroes: Gems from the Archive
On the occasion of RESFEST’s 10th birthday, we’re giving you a present: a decade-long survey of some of the best music videos ever to play the festival. Since RESFEST has always championed the music video as an art form in its own right, this greatest hits compilation is, not surprisingly, a truly stellar program. Don’t come looking for chart-topping singles, though H5’s amazing Remind Me for Röyksopp is one exception. But the films gathered here are strong in their own right, serving to enhance and augment their songs in unexpected, brilliant ways. Several grin-inducing audience favorites appear, including Ruben Fleischer’s We Know Something You Don’t Know for DJ Format, with its hilarious break-dancing flurries, and Alex Budovsky’s manic animation for (The Real) Tuesday Weld’s catchy-as-all-get-out Bathtime in Clernkenwell alongside classics for Air, Cornelius, UNKLE, Phoenix and more.
h 9:30pm-10:30pm
Free admission
Adam J. Pesapane, nickname "PES", one of the most original and creative directors in New York, author of Game Over (in the section of Resfest Shorts One: State of the Art) presents a retrospective of his best works and televisions spots for clients such as Nike, Diesel and Bacardi.
h 10:30pm-11:30pm
Ticket section 7
Screening of Radiohead, The Visionaries: A Decade Of Breaking New Talent (rerun)
Hiroshima Mon Amour, via Bossoli 83
h 11:30pm Xplosiva Live! Celebrating 10 Years of Resfest, Special Guest: LUOMO. Hiroshima and Xplosiva celebrate Resfest’s birthday with a special evening animated by the sounds of Finland’s DJ/producer Vladislav Delay, a.k.a. LUOMO
Sunday December 17
Cinema Massimo – Sala Tre, via Verdi 18
h 2:00pm-4:00pm
Free admission
Italian Window; with the participation of Riccardo Chiattelli, Brand manager of “Cult”, and Vincenzo Beschi, Rino Stefano Tagliaferro, Angela Zanini; moderator: Massimo Curatella, journalist and director of “CGItalia”. Screening of the works short-listed for the Italian edition of Resfest 2006 and presented by Cult, Sky cultural entertainment channel. A window on the Italian productions and those young authors who stand out for their originality, creativity and ability to use technology innovation.
h 4:15pm-5:40pm
Ticket section 8
Screening of Videos that Rock
Resfest’s relentlessly eclectic rock-oriented music video program has never been a place to find traditional performance videos, though this year it does offer one radical retake on that style, in the form of Nima Nourizadeh’s winking, behind-the-scenes parody for Hot Chip’s song of the summer, Over and Over. Many of the program’s other videos use sophisticated animation to tell epic, fantastical stories with ambitious themes: Joel Trussell’s War Photographer for Jason Forrest, a hilarious animated tale of rival rock and roll Vikings, and Elliott Jokelson and Loyalkaspar’s chalk-and-watercolor video for Pinback’s Fortress are both war sagas; meanwhile, Chris Hopewell’s Marble House for the Knife, a stop-motion day in the life of a family of mice, and Monkmus’ Travel Is Dangerous for Mogwai, a gorgeous, layered story of environmental degradation, both delve deep into the animal world.
h 6:00pm-8:00pm
Free admission
Visual Muzik, retrospective (audio) video run by Marco Mancuso
The best of the most recent visual music in the first Italian retrospective– created for the magazine “Digicult” and produced by Dissonanze 2006 – dedicated to the programs normally known in live and performed contexts. Among the artists, the projects and the palimpsests of the selected video center are: Jeffers Egan, Montevideo program, Reline, Semiconductor, Ryoichi Kurokawa,
h 8:30pm-10:30pm
Ticket section 9
Screening of Shorts 3: Fear & Trembling
There were certainly more than enough outstanding chills and thrills among this year’s submissions to allow us to put together this dark and creepy program, which ranges from the world premiere of Polish director Marcin Pazera’s Moloch, a peculiar symbiosis of factory and man, to American filmmaker Carter Smith’s Sundance Jury Prize-winning Bugcrush, a disturbing look at the perils of trying to fit in at a suburban high school. The Netherlands’ Rosto whips up a spinning nightmare in Jona/Tomberry, while Venezuelan-born, UK-based Carl Zitelmann uses vividly stark animation to take viewers inside a cowboy’s last moments. In Temerario. Taken as a whole, Fear and Trembling’s troubling and occasionally terrifying tricks and treats will get into your subconscious and plant seeds there.
h 10:30pm
Ticket section 10
Screening of Unsung Heroes: Gems from the Archive. (rerun).