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Guests and Events

Opening Cocktail Hour: dj-set by Fabrizio Vespa

A toast to welcome the traveling Resfest upon its arrival in Torino. Spinning the discs will be the noted citizen dj, Fabrizio Vespa. His sound is mostly electronic but has a progressive soul that leans toward insistent and techno rhythms.

Wednesday, December 13th, AB+, 18:30

Fabrizio Vespa – has worked in nearly every club in Torino. His beginnings are connected to radio. He worked for several years at Radio Flash and then at RAI where he conducted the show “RAI StereoNight” and the final editions of the famed musical program, “Sounds & Ultrasounds” that was aired on Radio Due RAI of Rome. He has also worked in the music field as a journalist writing for “Mucchio Selvaggio” (Wild Heap) and “Rumore” (Noise). He now writes for “La Stampa” and “Toriono Sette.” He was the supervisor for the musical score of the film Andata e Ritorno (Roundtrip) by Marco Ponti, collaborated on the project Motel Connection and is currently teaching Sound Design at the Institute of European Design (IED) in Turin. His sound is genuinely electronic but has a progressive soul that leans toward insistent and techno rhythms. He is featured at Electrochic every Saturday night and at Rock City and AB+ on Thursday nights.

Special Session: Rising Talents

Including among others Emilio Ramos, creator of the short Niebla (Shorts One section: State of the Art)

Friday December 15th, Cinema Massimo, Sala Three, 16:00-18:30.

Emilio Ramos – was born in Mexico City in 1972. He has worked in the animation field for eight years. Most of his completed works were done for advertising. Since 2004 he has lived in Barcellona where he completed his Masters in Animation at the Pompeu Fabra University and started work on Niebla. This short was the winner of the Special Jury Award at the latest edition of the Virtuality Conference and was chosen to be part of the Short One section at the Resfest 06. The short, which screened at the most recent Siggraph in Boston, won the Special Jury Prize and the Audience Award at the 2006 edition of ArtFutura, the foremost Spanish festival of art, culture and digital technology.

  • LA LEGÉNDE DE LA PIERRE QUI TOURNE, by Mélanie Climent, Elodie Fraysse, Emilie Frezet (Miglior cortometraggio in 3D)
  • VAGUE À L’AME, by Timothée Leboeuf, Noro Rakotomalala e Jocelyn Zeller (Miglior Design)
  • WANTED, by Damien Bapst, Dan Cretur e Simon Cusinier (Miglior ambientazione)
  • SILHOUETTES, by Vincent Courbis- Poncet, Rémi Despret e Jean-David Solon (Migliori personaggi)
  • LUFTBRÜCKE, di Max Stummer (Migliori effetti speciali)
  • COCOTTE MINUTE, by Berard Thibault, Marc Sylvain, Loic Miermont, Amandone Pecharman, Nathalie Robert, Romain Vacher (Miglior animazione)
  • NIEBLA, by Emilio Ramos (Premio speciale della giuria)


  • BURNING SAFARI, by Calude-William Trebutien
  • VIRUS, by Quentin Marmier
  • UNE CHAROGNE, Olivier Berry, Alexia Cui, Samuel Chung-Hao Tung, Olivier Sipesaque
  • OUT-ONCE UPON A TIME, by Jerome Dernoncourt, Samuel Deroubaix, Corentin Laplatte
  • GOODBYE CANINE, by VandenBroecke David, Lallement Simon, Fatien Grègory
  • TERRES CONSCIENTES, by Mathieu Burri, Nicolas Lambois, Mathieu Floury
  • FRIGO, by Claire Michaud, Tristan Hocquet, Alexandra Gasztowtt
  • LA MARCHE DES SANS NOM, di Lucas Vigroux, Nicolas Laverdure, Jean Constantial
  • MAKING OF, by Rémi Chapotot, Damien Tournaire, Aurore Valery
  • X-BOX RACING BEATS, di Alexander Kiesl, Steffen Hacker
  • MY DATE FROM HELL, di Tom Bracht
  • 458 NM, by Jan Bitzer, Ilija Brunck, Tom Weber
  • DRESSED IN NIGHT, by David Lemm
  • LUBLUB, by Aaron Brady
  • PIECE OF MIND, by Ori Ben-Shabat
  • TALOS, L'EREDITÀ DEL LUPO, by Patryk Bonzanini, Jefferson Maia Braga De Abreu, Simone De Luilli, Francesco Gaggi, Luigi Monaldi, Marco Mozzachiodi, Gianandrea Murelli, Nuwan Panditha Don Thilina, Simone Samory, Mattia Zermani
  • TALOS, IL DESTINO DI UN SERVO, by Andrea Davide Caggiari, Agostino Davilla, Giacomo Giovanni De Cillis, Ferdinando Guandalini, Bruno Maremonti, Arianna Tedeschi, Thiago Tirapelle, Mattia Tommaselli, Juan Pablo Ueibe
  • RED CAR, by Francesco Riginelli, Luca Rocchi, Federico Tocchella
  • WHITE-IN, by Riccardo D'Ippolito
Special presentation: Bert & Bertie

Two irreverent English directors with an ironic and surreal style will present their “four-handed short,” the amusing Phobias, and other earlier works created independently. (Shorts Two section: Out of the Box).

Friday, December 15th, Cinema Massimo – Sala Three, 18:15-19:45.
Free Admission

Bert & Bertie – Behind the name “Bert & Bertie” there are two English director-producers, Katie Ellwood and Amber Templemore-Finlayson. Phobias is their first, and at the moment only film, made together (BertieFilm Productions). However both have had earlier independent experience in the world of video. Katie Ellwood worked as a writer for the video game Playstation 2, The Getaway Black Monday, while Amber Templemore-Finlayson worked as a producer on the short Dipper and Antonia’s Breakfast. They are currently working together on their new film entitled, The 1 Second Film.

“Tiro al blanco” (Target Practice): surprise performance by Luis Nieto, director and creator of Carlitopolis (Shorts Two section: Out of the Box)

The provocative director from Colombia, now living in Paris, who in his pseudo-shock video to be presented at the festival rages with savagery against a laboratory mouse and tries to enter a target practice during a live transmission of the Guinness Book of World Records. The video is created with his “perversionist artist” style.

Friday December 15th, Cinema Massimo – Sala Three, 20:30

Special presentation: Professor Nieto’s Show, introduced by Luca Carlucci, graphic artist and composer

More work by Luis Nieto, the director of incredible special effects will present pieces made before and after Carlitopolis, or rather, a selection of videos and some making of his more or less recent works: from Nieto’s Show, a mini-series created for Canal plus which takes place in a laboratory in which the director (helped by his assistant Patrick, a chimpanzee with a diaper) films in front of his experimental students that are actually all kinds of animals to the small animated film Far West and the commercial Squareness recently made for Coca-cola.

Friday, December 15th, The Beach, 22:30 Free Admission

Luis Nieto – was born in Columbia in 1979. After having studied Communications and Linguistics, he moved to Paris, where he is currently studying at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts. He is the creator of Carlitopolis, a pseudo-shock video presented in the Shorts Two section. The film involves a laboratory mouse that is put through a series of inconceivably brutal experiments. He is defined as a “perversionist artist” and he loves to present himself as being followed by a group of Hare Krishna animal defenders. In reality his provocative video, which won a special mention from the jury at the Clermont-Ferrand Festival, is a triumphant sampling of innovative techniques and very special effects that induce one to think about the truthfulness in contemporary images.

Special Session: A.A.A.A.: Advertising As An Art:
with the participation of Javier Jimenez, executive producer of Motion Theory, Jules Janaud and Francios Roisin, directors (The Mill), Matteo Corbi, co-founder and VFX supervisor of FastForward; moderator: Jaime d’Alessandro, journalist. The representatives of three avant-garde post production studios, all of different nationalities, will speak about their creations in the field of advertising, comparing the use of new technology and showing behind the scenes, “making of” and special effects from their best work.

Saturday, December 16th, Cinema Massimo – Sala Three, 17:30-19:00,
Free Admission.

Motion Theory - is a California production house based in Venice that is
involved in the advertising field and has worked for such clients as Reebok, Budweiser and Hewlett Packer (HP). The collective took a quick to rise to stardom about four years ago when it made some music videos for such bands as R.E.M. (Animal), Less than Jake, Velvet Revolver and Papa Roach. The film made for the song Girl, by the Los Angeles singer-songwriter Beck truly catapulted the group of filmmakers hidden behind the collective art name to international fame placing them high on the list of hot video directors.

Jules Janaud and Francois Roisin – are both graduates of Supinfocom, the renowned French hotbed of talent in the animation field. They now work together at the Mill, the important post-production group with branches in London, New York and Los Angeles. Their experimental 90 Degrees created as a final school project and presented in the By Design section, was selected for the 28th Clermont-Ferrand Festival where it won the Audience Award in the “Labo Competition” section.

FastForward – was born in 2002 in Milan as a result of the meeting of five young professionals of varying experiences (architects, graphic designers and art directors) who were all highly specialized in the use of new technology. The collective, which is now made up of about twenty people, is active in the areas of motion graphics, broadcast design, commercials and entertainment. Among its major works are promos for SKY Cinema, Paramount Comedy, La7, Nicheleodeon and the Discovery Channel, FILA Snowspike commercials (with “invisible” special effects), Angel Devil (with high technical and VFX content) and the series of mini-commercials for perfumes such as Moschino, Versace Man and Alessandro dell’Acqua. In the context of videoclips, two of their most outstanding are the latest ones made for the artist Piero Pelù: “Tribù” and “Lentezza” (Slowness). This year, FastForward has won a gold and two silver medals at the Promax / BDA Europe 2006 in Vienna in the categories of “Best Mixed Media Animation,” “Best Use of Humor in Promotion,” and “Best Drama Promo” with its projects “Merry X-max 06” and “Film Attraction” which were both productions for SKY Cinema.
PES, "Stop Motion Genius"

Adam J. Pesapane, nickname "PES", one of the most original and creative directors in New York, author of Game Over (in the section of Resfest Shorts One: State of the Art) presents a retrospective of his best works and televisions spots for clients such as Nike, Diesel and Bacardi.

Saturday, December 16th, Cinema Massimo, 09:30-10:30, Free Admission.

PES - Stop motion genius, PES is blowing up big time. This talented young director has already had a retrospective with RES and Wired Magazine, New York Times, and other artsy fartsy titles have done proper write ups. One click at a time, millions are discovering some of the most beautiful short films living on the web today.

Xplosiva Live! Celebrating 10 Years of Resfest, Special Guest: LUOMO
Hiroshima and Xplosiva celebrate Resfest’s birthday with a special evening animated by the sounds of Finland’s dj/producer Vladislav Delay, a.k.a. LUOMO
Italian Window

Screening of the works short-listed for the Italian edition of Resfest 2006 and presented by Cult, Sky cultural entertainment channel. A window on the Italian productions and those young authors who stand out for their originality, creativity and ability to use technology innovation.

Sunday December 14, 8.00am-10.45am With the participation of Riccardo Chiattelli, Brand manager of “Cult”, and Vincenzo Beschi, Rino Stefano Tagliaferro, Angela Zanini; moderator: Massimo Curatella, journalist and director of “CGItalia”.

  • DO YOU SEE ME?, di Alessandro De Cristofaro
  • MY SWEET HELL, di Andrea Princivalli
  • SUPERPEAKNICK ROOM # 14, di Angela Zanini
  • OUR NOISE, di Fabio Berton
  • BLOW HERMES, di Mangialardo
  • PIOVE PIANO, di Isabella Panero
  • AMICI NEL TEMPO, di Matteo Chiarello
  • CONTRAPPASSOUNO, di Matteo Giacchella
  • WHO'S YOUR DADDY?, di Mauro Vecchi
  • A SECOND BEFORE WAKING UP, di Rino Stefano Tagliaferro
  • IL CANNONE, di Sonia Cucculelli
  • OVERDRIVE, di Thorsten Kirchhoff
  • STRIP MELODY, di Vincenzo Besch
Visual Muzik, retrospective (audio) video run by Marco Mancuso, Direttore di Digicult
The best of the most recent visual music in the first Italian retrospective – created for the magazine “Digicult” and produced by Dissonanze 2006 – dedicated to programs normally known in live and performed contexts.
Among the artists, the projects and the palimpsests of the selected video center are: Jeffers Egan, Montevideo program, Reline, Semiconductor, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Dienstelle/Karl Kliem.

Sunday December 17th, Cinema Massimo – Sala Three, 18:00-20:00.

Visual Muzik – A trip in the production during recent years through the works of artists who knew best how to put together the concept of visual music, research and synthetic analysis between audio and video. Visual Muzik sets out in Italy as the first of its kind attempt at a retrospective, dedicated to programs that are normally known in live and performance contexts. The monographs of the artists involved (Karl Kliem, Meta, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Tez, Jeffers Egan, Reline 2, Semiconductor) and the selected video center programs (Argos, Montevideo, SixPackFilm) are among the brightest examples of contemporary electronic research between graphics, video art and electronic music put together. The survey is an audiovisual journey capable of enchanting and surprising and will carry the audience towards the aesthetic possibilities of tomorrow.
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Turin 6, 7 & 8 June


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