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ITALIANMIX is looking for INNOVATIVE, CREATIVE and INSPIRING works by Italian filmmakers for ITALIANMIX to be included in the RESFEST 2005 program in Turin and on the RESFEST ITALIANMIX DVD.
ITALIANMIX welcomes works in ALL genres and visual forms, including:
  • Narrative
  • Documentary
  • Experimental
  • Animation
  • Music Video
  • Design-oriented
Preference will be given to outstanding works that push the boundaries of cinematic language by combining technology and artistic creativity in original, exciting and unanticipated ways.

Selected works will be announced at RESFEST in Turin, Italy, which will take place from October 28 to 30, 2005. Selected works will also be screened during RESFEST in Turin and on the RESFEST ITALIANMIX DVD.

ITALIANMIX showcases local Italian filmmakers of the RESFEST Digital Film Festival. ITALIANMIX is designed to give upcoming Italian filmmakers, digital artists and other creative professionals an exciting and unique opportunity to gain valuable exposure for their works in an International professional venue. Submit your work to ITALIANMIX and take part with other new talents in the future of digital cinema for Italy and the world.

RESFEST The RESFEST digital film festival is an annual, worldwide tour that showcases the year's best short films, music videos and animation through a mix of screenings, parties, workshops and live music events. RESFEST 2005 will take place in more than 35 cities, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Rome, Amsterdam, Sydney, Tokyo, Madrid, Vienna, and Turin. RESFEST supports and encourages new and emerging artists, inspiring them to push the boundaries of innovation, technology, creativity, and the visual language of the cinema. Not limited to film only, RESFEST has grown into a setting where music, design, fashion, film, technology and art intersect on a global stage for audiences worldwide.

  1. You must be over 18 years old and hold Italian citizenship or residency to be eligible for submission.
  2. ITALIANMIX welcomes work in all genres and visual forms, including narrative, documentary, experimental, animation, music video and design-oriented work.
  3. Both individual and group works are accepted.
  4. Entries can be live action, animated, or hybrid.
  5. ITALIANMIX accepts works that were originally filmed or created in any format, including film, analog/digital video or entirely on a computer.
  6. All entries should be submitted in digital form (mpeg, quicktime, avi, etc.) on CD or DVD (Pal and NTSC Video Tapes are also acceptable) and be ready for screening. N.B. Submitted media will not be returned.
  7. Entries should have been produced in 2003, 2004 or 2005.
  8. Duration: maximum length is fifteen minutes.
  9. Submitted work must be accompanied by a COMPLETED ENTRY FORM. Please submit one separate entry form for each entry.
  10. All entries must provide written authorization for any copyrighted material included in the work.
  11. All entries must be received by October 1, 2005.
If your submission is accepted, you grant RESFEST TURIN:
  1. Permission to showcase it during the festival and on the RESFEST ITALIANMIX DVD.
  2. Permission to use short clips and stills for promotion and publicity purposes.
Additionally, if your submission is accepted, you agree:
  1. To get approval from the rights holders and all necessary clearances (including TV, DVD, and Internet).
  2. To provide high quality stills from your submission, a photo of the creator(s), personal bio and a dialogue script if applicable for international translation.
  3. To provide the festival with a copy of your entry in one of the above mentioned acceptable digital forms. (See the "ELIGIBILITY, TERMS & CONDITIONS OF ITALIANMIX" section above.)
  4. To get signed agreements from all actors and musicians featured on your film and soundtrack.
  5. If your film score is not original, to make sure that you get signed agreements from the publishers and labels for each track.
  6. To finalize all clearance issues within 1 week after notification of acceptance into RESFEST ITALIANMIX
Please send your submission materials to:

RESFEST ITALIANMIX, c/o Virtuality Conference
Corso Marconi, 38
10125 Turin – ITALY

+39 011 66 80 948 office
+39 011 65 0 12 14 fax
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