28-30 October 2005




Hiroshima mon Amour

Multisala Massimo




EVENTS & GUESTS          



Thursday, October 27, AB+, at  19



with selected screenings from Resfest and Presentation of  the Installation “The Garden of

Things” by Studio Azzurro, Reiner Bumke from Studio Azzurro, Jonathan Wells,

Director   RESFEST and RES magazine, Jason Wishnow, Director and 3D Animation

Artist, Ben Radatz, Director and Co-Founder MK12 (USA)




The pioneering Italian collective, that for over twenty years has been exploring the poetic and expressive possibilities of new technologies, elaborates for Resfest one of its most important works: The garden of things. This video installation on five large screens utilizes an infrared system tuned to the hands temperature. A series of objects, initially hidden in darkness, appear gradually thanks to the heat of the hands that touch them. This occurrence, which recalls the ancestral gesture of hand modelling of objects, underlines the care and attention present and necessary in the process of elaboration of the digital image, and the unavoidable necessity and creativity of human gestures.




MK12 is an animation collective and motion graphics design team based in Kansas City, Missouri. Founded in 2000 by Ben Radatz, Jed Carter, Matt Fraction and Tim Fisher, MK12 has long been associated with the RESFEST experience, having designed the festival identity and packaging in 2000 and 2001. The group's work spans commercials (Adidas, Levi's, Haagen-Daaz), music videos (Hot Hot Heat, Guided by Voices, Common), broadcast design (MTV, FOX, Comedy Central, ESPN) and an ever-growing array of art projects, many of which have been featured in RESFEST over the past few years. Represented by The Ebeling Group, MK12 has established itself as one of the top motion studios, not only in the US but worldwide.


Lobo Motion Graphics

Lobo is a design and animation collective based in São Paulo, Brazil. Founded in 1994,  Lobo Motion Graphics  has done work for advertising, television and fashion design houses, creating, among many others, videos for Diesel (among them Lost Paradise, winner of the Gold Pencil Award) , spots for Panasonic, Animé Network, Cartoon Network, Subaru and Legowelta and many music videos. Since 1999 it has worked in collaboration with Vector Zero, the most important studio in Brazil for post-production, 3D graphics and special effects. Lobo and MK12 created jointly for Ebelin Group an 11-video program for the re-launch of the German TV music channel VIVA.


Jackson and his Computer Band

Jackson Fourgeaud is one of Warp's latest additions. The young producer's debut, Smash (released in September), is packed with bass-fuelled IDM and underscored with French house and reminders of '80s synth-pop/industrial and the dark videogame soundtracks of that decade. He has also starred in the San Francisco Resfest this year.


Dj Buddy Peace

One of the protagonists of London’s night scene, this soon-to-be legendary”

Dj  is one of WARP’s emerging talents


Adam Smith

Director of documentaries for British television and music videos, Adam Smith is present in this year’s Resfest Program with three of his new works for music: What Goes Up Must Come Down (Shorts One), The Streets Blinded By The Lights” and The Chemical Brothers “Galvanise” (Cinema Electronica). During his career, Adam Smith has also created concert visuals for rock band tours, including the 2001 tour of U2.


Dougal Wilson

Dougal Wilson is one of the star directors of Colonel Blimp, a lively London-based production house of music videos. Winner of  Silver and Gold Lion prizes at Cannes international advertising festival, in the last few years Dougal Wilson has been awarded numerous prizes , among them Best Director and Video of the Year at the 2005 Creative and Design Awards for The Streets “Fit But You Know It”.  His Satisfaction video for Italian  Benny Benassi, has won the Best Dance Video award at the 2004  Creative and Design Awards 2004..



Motion Theory

Motion Theory is a Venice, California, directing team active creating FX-heavy ads for customers such as Reebok, Budweiser, and HP. Since three years, Motion theory has started creating music videos, starting for R.E.M's “Animal”, which has been followed by a rapid series of very successful, wildly inventive videos for Less Than Jake, Velvet Revolver, and Papa Roach. But, as “Rolling Stone Magazine” puts it, “it's Beck's latest that has made Motion Theory among the most sought-after video visionaries”.


Dj Boosta

After years of piano studies at music academy and with jazz teachers, at the age of 14 he starts live experiences playing the keyboard in small bands and in clubs all over Italy. In 1996, together with two other adventurers, SUBSONICA was founded, a group that in 10 years of its career published four studio disks (all platinum), a double live disk that outlines a broad experience of more than 500 live concerts (the tour of their live album "controllo del livello di rombo" had more than 450,000 spectators). Subsonica has won two European MTV awards and various other prizes, and has recently published "terrestre" which in one month surpassed platinum and leaves many live concerts sold-out all over.
In 2003 he gave rise, as musician and producer, to the disk "iconoclash", a reinterpretation of italopop in elektrowave style, rearranging and replaying the hits of the Italian eighties, recalling the stars of that time (from gazebo to p.lion., from garbo to righeira).
Boosta remixer over the past years puts its hands on and revisits many big names of the international scene(placebo, beastie boys, client, jackson5, motley crue, jentina) and national scene (vasco rossi, morgan, cristina donà), applying an unexpected elektro mutation to them.
Within five years time, his dj career makes him rise behind the best consoles in Italy, to the point of arriving to the stage at the street parade in Zurich as one of few Italians, in front of a multitude of people which the organizers estimated to be one million.
The dj set moves freely without constrains, producing dance electronics, from electrotech to breakbeat, recalling the historical period of acid house; a variated and never monotonous set in which you can loose yourself.
In December the first 12' for the dance floor was released at EMI. "crash" gets excellent reviews from experts in the field and is very appreciated on the dance floor.
At the end of the summer, at MANTRA the second work "the boss" was released, followed by a series of Italian and international remixes.
Besides his carrier as musician, he also writes. The first collection of short stories "dianablu" for baldini e castoldi was sold out in the first edition. After the excellent reviews received, the first novel is in preparation. "un'ora e mezzo" is expected by fall and the story will be used for a movie screen play.




Jason Wishnow

Director of animation shorts and documentaries, Jason Wishnow has been called the “enfant terrible of digital film” (Yahoo Magazine) and one of the ten most influential digital filmmakers of 1999 (RES Magazine). Wishnow’s recent short, Oedipus (2004), an epic retelling of the Greek Myth starring vegetables, has played 60+ film festivals including Sundance, Seattle, São Paulo, and Hong Kong. In 1996, Wishnow founded the New Venue (newvenue.com), the first curated showcase of movies made specifically for the Internet. In 1997, Wishnow directed one of the first documentaries shot on mini-DV, “Tatooine or Bust,” about fans camping out to see “Star Wars.” In 2000, Wishnow held the first film festival for the Palm Pilot, “The Aggressively Boring Film Festival.”